Monday, November 26, 2012

249.0 - Don't put your future on hold.

Don't fear the dread-mill.
I enjoyed this past weekend. I had some fun, met some friends, helped out with my family and showed people my appreciation for their influence in my life. Did this without the banquet, but I won't pretend I was die hard dieting all weekend. I just know I did way better than I would have, if I hadn't taken the hard stance on avoiding the big meal and dodging the ceremony of it all.

I talk to a few people who decide that around this time of year it's appropriate to hang up your running shoes and "take a break" from diet and exercise. Maybe this works for some, but in my personal story, this means setting myself back a chapter. I don't accept that. I don't concede that my ultimate goal of being in shape, and healthy, should take a back seat to emotional or celebratory eating. That somehow this season demands consumption and not reflection. I know there are traditional foods associated with this time, and skipping them is hard. The thing is, if it's worthwhile, why put your destination further out of your reach intentionally? Avoiding temptation is hard, but working your way through the end results will also be hard. Short term sacrifice for long term benefit. Sounds Phat to me.


  1. Good luck with the journey!

    Do you have some1 that knows the fitness game well to weed through the BS?

    Profit is excellent motive for people to give u shitty advice!!!!

  2. I've worked with decent trainers and I know how to sort the information from the noise, I also have a couple years of dietting strategies under my belt. I stay informed and do my homework so I can sort out the marketing fluff from the real deal.