Thursday, November 22, 2012

245.4 - Reality Check

I'm sitting here craving something sweet. Bad. I'm not going to go get anything because I have stuff to do, but just knowing that I'm missing out on a big meal with all the fixings while I'm sitting here with a fridge full of vegetables is frustrating. That's to be expected. This is what I planned for. I planned for my weakness. I planned for my frustration. I considered my past failures and surrounded myself with the tools I need to be successful, instead of the temptation that would lead me astray.

People say this is strength. No, this is managed weakness. When I treat myself, it's going to be on my terms. My portions and my choices. I wont have anyone to blame for any gains, and I won't have anyone to thank for any losses. Now pardon me, I have to go take a walk, because #TeamBAWSE always takes a working vacation.


  1. Next time you want something sweet; Eat a pear along with dried dates.

    1. I don't take a substitution approach. I believe that it works for some people, but it doesn't fit into my approach and my mindset.

      When I want something, I wait, if I still want that thing later, I have that thing. Itch scratched, move on. If I don't want that thing, I was just itchy and there was no real reason to appease it.

      When I talk about wanting something sweet, I mean pie, ice-cream, egg-nog, something sugar laden. When I talk about having the tools around me to be successful, I'm talking about protein bars with fiber that cut cravings. Lot's of water, and sufficient distractions in the manner of entertainment, tasks, and friends.