Monday, November 12, 2012

248 ~ #TeamBAWSE

Living the healthy lifestyle is a lengthy and exhausting process. Workouts, eating properly, all the micro-decisions and major commitments I have to make each week are enough to make me throw my hands up and call the whole effort off in favor of some cathartic gorging. I have a purpose. I have a mission and a plan, but what I have lacked for the longest time, I now have. Co-operation. I have a team. We are a unit with the specific goal of our mutual betterment through competition and motivation. We used to clock into our weight-loss like employees, but now we've given ourselves a promotion. We are #TeamBAWSE.

Ugh, can't wait for this workout to be over alreadyHmm, that workout didn't quite do it, I need to do a run
Another day on diet, another run through the same meals.This week, I think I'll use more fish and try that new seasoningto add flavor and variety
Well, I guess I'll celebrate this accomplishment with a treat.I'm going to share this accomplishment and I know I can expect some supportive feedback from my fellow teammate.
I need to weigh in to know what's happening.I track my activity level and my food intake to make sure I'm always in control of my weight loss.
This is a personal struggle that I must undertake on my ownThis is a shared experience, and I can give others the benefit of my knowledge and learn more ways to be successful.
When this is over, I'm going to relax and take a well deserved break from all these rules.This is my life, I make changes to who I am, not what I do, and I will make more changes for who I will become.

@JenMeanIt and I have been good friends for some time, and we've talked about our struggles and progress for years. Thanks to the Nike+ FuelBand (and a few other tools) we're doing more than sharing our stories; we're sharing our journey. We're competing, we're congratulating and we're doing this from about 1200 miles apart, and as you can see, we're reaping the benefits.

Give me a challenge and I'm good, give my team a goal and we're unstoppable.

#PhatGuy #CEOTeamBAWSE.


  1. Your dedication is an inspiration! Since I've known you, it's never crossed my mind that you anything but a winner and huge success. Keep it rocking Craig! You are unstoppable.