Thursday, November 15, 2012

249 ~ Adding dimension to the sphere

My goal for this blog is to make my journey of self-betterment an open dialogue with people going through similar struggles. I believe my voice is unique in the landscape of fitness advice as it comes from the informed place of someone using these techniques and improving, but still facing the day-to-day challenges in the search for my ideal. This is just one slice of the betterment pie. After an introduction some time ago, I've become increasingly more curious and invested in the landscape of advice on self-improvement, both physical and social.

I have taken it upon myself to earn the association with a group of online authors and content generators who have dubbed themselves the Man-o-sphere in hopes that what I offer will enrich the content available to their readers. This means more of what I've already demanded of myself - content, honesty, personal stories, and recommendations. This certainly includes the open discussion of progress as I adopt and experiment with new approaches, techniques, and mentalities.

Many thanks to my good friend at ThePrivateMan for his introduction to the ways of the sphere and it's benefits.


  1. You should check out Mark's Daily Apple. It's a really good fitness blog about the paleo diet. Head over there, read the science behind it and read some of the success stories. It's inspiring.

    1. Eh just read my comment and it sounded like spam,It's not. Diet and nutrition is something I've been studying for a few years now, The logic behind the paleo/primal diet seems sound to me, and It's helped me a lot so I can vouch for it from personal experience. The manosphere blogger Hawaiian Libertarian also follows it, he has a few articles about it.

  2. Not the first time I've heard this recommended and I'm doing my homework to see how I can factor this into my current program. Thanks for the link, I'll post the outcome of my efforts.