Thursday, November 15, 2012

249 ~ Crossing the bridge.

I am all these guys.

Yeah, from the chubby unkempt one, to the more polished one, the smiley guy. That's all me. I have had the same jokes, similar (if not in some flux) life views and opinions. I've been consistently intelligent throughout that time. It's always been me, but lately something has changed. Lately the jokes are funnier. More laughing, more commendation, I actually considered a run on a comedy stage before I sobered up. I'm not funny. Or not crowd funny anyway. I'm just hot now. I didn't change who I was, I just changed what I looked like and amazingly the world is changing for me.

There's a funny joke I'm missing out on about how I lost weight, but my words gained it and I'm kicking myself for not finding a good one here, but people listen more. Sure I may get cut off in conversation, but when I talk, people respond insightfully as opposed to the wallpaper nature of the replies to my musings from before. Yeah, sure, I listened well and gave decent advice and I still do, but among friends, relatives, co-workers and acquaintances, the words have more meaning. Whether people agree or not, I have the ability to change your mood with what I say. That's an amazing ability. I use it to lay a compliment from time to time and you know what? I went from a polite "shudder thanks" to a much more pleasant "blush thank you!". Did I learn some new technique? Nope, I didn't study Don Draper and emulate him. You can tell by the fact that I give compliments. No, I just look better giving them. Oh, and this is not gender specific either.Tell a guy he's got a sharp outfit on and he'll appreciate the recognition. Tell him that with your own apparel and fitness on point and you may not get out of the conversation for 20 minutes.

The world makes clothes in S, M, L and XL, all other sizes are tolerated extremes and if you need more than one X you better know a tailor or be comfortable with having one option per mall. No offence to the wonderful work being done at the Casual Male, or Big & Tall franchises. Thank you guys. You were there for me when everywhere else decided I was too big to clothe, but let's not pretend about a fundamental issue here. I needed your products because I was mistreating myself. In the manner of a great nurse who tends to your wounds, you may appreciate the attention, but you have to be sick to get it, and I'm getting better. Marshall's, Ross, JC Penny, these's aren't exclusive and exotic, but if you wear north of a 40" waist and XL shirt, good luck compiling a single outfit between 3 locations. Designer brands don't make you a good person, but that's not the point. Designer brands make you look like you care about how you look and people respond to that. In droves. They compliment, they get inquisitive, they smile when you smile, laugh when you laugh and they respect you more.

The point of all the new clothes and updated features is my last point. Women are easier to interact with. Across the board, I am completely fine making that blanket statement. I got more attention and favors from friends. I can make strange women blush with the same old quips. Heck, even my Mom has stowed away her criticism of my habits and lifestyle that I used to get while I was working on my health. "You need to pay attention to this serious problem" is now "you look amazing, whatever you're doing keep it up". Protip: One of those makes me want ice-cream, one makes me want to get in a quick jog before dinner and I got both while I was dieting, exercising and doing the work.

Maybe I give too much credit to my appearance for the change in interaction because the changes have started internally. I am more confident. Go ahead, read some of my earlier apologetic material, and compare it to some of my new work, or just take my word for it, whatever. I'm not entirely over the mindset or self image issues I developed by getting so close to 300lbs, but I am far advanced in interactions and influence. I'm the Phat Guy I always wanted to be and I'm only halfway to where I want to go. So if you're starting out and you're wondering if passing on that fried meal, or throwing out that box of cookies or taking that walk is worth it, don't anticipate, but plan on the world congratulating you for it when you chain enough of those decisions together to make a difference.


  1. What is your diet?

    Im on a nearly vegan diet and lost 30 lbs in 6 months. Went from 31% Body Fat to 21% Body Fat.

  2. Impressive, I'm on the weight watchers program. I try not to restrict my foods but I do focus on lean proteins, a low carbohydrate intake and a variety of fruits and vegetables in each meal. When I follow that system, I see about 1.5 to 2.5 pounds of loss for a week. Of course, the system is only as perfect as its use.

  3. I dont eat red or white meat anymore. The vegan fare I eat includes a fair amount of fat, but its plant fat (I eat 2 avocados a week). I pretty much stuff myself all of the time and drank a lot of wine on weekends and still lost weight. Also eat egg whites and the occasional salmon.

    The recipies I eat are from Joel Fuhrman's "Eat for Health", in the vegan meal section (Book II).

    You may want to try this if you stop losing weight.

    I suggest you try this if you stop losing weight with your current diet.

    1. Actually, I was considering Paleo as a next step. I respect, but am not personally compatible with the vegetarian way of life. I mostly eat fish and poultry, and consume about two servings of red meat per week, but I like it as a source of protein and iron.

      I appreciate the recommendation on the recipe book, I'll check that out and see if I can add some vegetable diversity to my meal plan that way. Always good to mix things up.

  4. Hell yeah dude! Awesome to hear that you're already seeing a confidence boost and positive social results from weight loss. Keep it up!

    1. Thank you! It's been a long road, but I am enjoying this phase of the journey and doubling down on the task ahead.