Thursday, January 17, 2013

249.8 - So, that happened.

No advice here, just a straight update. This holiday I tried to avoid indulging, and I slipped up, 9.6lbs in two weeks slipped up, and I was pissed at myself. I can trace the whole thing back to one decision on an evening in December to have a glass of Scapegoat. I'm sure the wine had a more elegant name, but it had a specific purpose for me, I needed it to be the reasoning behind making bad decisions that I REALLY wanted to make. I was at a sponsored social event of some import to my career and the menu was set ahead of time. My options were the delicious pasta, the delicious pasta, the delicious pasta or the delicious pasta, and that was the option I had for one of the 5 courses served. I knew going in that I didn't have to eat any of it, but the problem is I wanted ALL of it. I made it 10 minutes in without even touching a slice of bread and then I answered a simple question wrong "would you like a glass of wine". The answer I was looking for was "No" but what everyone else heard was "Uh ... sure, yeah" because I suddenly imbued myself with the ability to make rational choices regarding my dietary intake and health with an attentively replenished glass of red wine in my grasp. So I tried everything, and demolished everything else. Then I decided to finish the meal on my own terms by getting egg nog at a nearby 7-11.

After that night, it was pretty much my usual holiday pattern of indulgence. At some point I just consciously decided to roll with the binge and hit every temptation I had pondered for the previous weeks. Burgers, Fries, Fried nonsense, Taco bell (non-Fresco menu), shakes upon shakes upon shakes, cookies, pizza and fried sushi rolls. I even took time off from my gym routine, which was intended to help combat some fatigue symptoms, but went far longer than it should and resulted in considerable set backs in my capability. I'm not proud of that, but I am happy that my story doesn't end there. It doesn't end now either. I have successfully managed to offload half of the newly gained weight and although I'm far from back to previous capability in the gym, I am back to my regularity with renewed commitment. It important to me that when Fatman Begins, Phatman Rises to the occasion.


  1. Good to see that you bounced back. Any kind of binge is bad, but tasty foods are the worst. At least you were honest with yourself.

    1. The worst thing I could do is lie to myself about my motivations. Ignoring the problem is never progress towards the solution.

  2. The longest journey begins with the first step as a wise man once said.So accept my congratulations on being honest with yourself when you were sidetracked. I pray that you will have the courage each day to continue the journey.