Tuesday, January 8, 2013

255.2 - Make mine Amy's

Mmmh grass.
When I first started eating healthy, I treated it like a prison sentence. I ate an assigned set of foods for a defined period of time after which I was allowed to take "breaks". Nowadays, I still do like to revisit my old favorites, but I break the chains of "bondage" with the Hurricane method of simply choosing to be where I was, instead of subjecting myself to it.

That leads to experimentation and finding solutions for adding variety within your new space, and the leading source of variety for me these days has been thanks to the Amy's line of prepackaged meals.

I appreciate these meals for having a great variety, using healthy and tasty ingredients and still providing the benefits of prepackaging. My skills as a cook are limited and there are only so many meals of my own design I can subject myself to in a week, when I want something different for lunch, I usually grab a couple Amy's meals. They range about 6-11 WeightWatcher's points apiece, and having more than one meets my lunch target very comfortably.

Feel free to leave comments regarding  your favorite meal time solutions staying healthy on the go in the comments.

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