Saturday, January 5, 2013

255.2 - What to learn from gaining.

Usually, if the green line is weight,
the red line is self esteem.
That's the trend that changes first.
When I step on the scale I am looking for feedback, and when that feedback shows I moved in the wrong direction, I enter a mini-panic. It's an overreaction to a single reading, sure, but I can't help the immediate feeling. The loss of effort, futility and hopelessness of the entire struggle when I see the numbers heading the wrong way. It's not good news, but it is news and how I handle the feedback is important in how I approach my program overall.

Weight loss is sometimes called a marathon, but at times it's a lot more like trying to mount a pile of sand. Do nothing, exert no effort and you slowly slide away from your goal. You can put a lot of effort in and exhaust yourself causing a backslide, and while you scratch away at the pile, it's important to check to make sure that the effort you're putting in is getting you closer to the top. Sometimes, that answer is no. All that ever means is, you need to adjust your strategy for the better.

I gained 9.6lbs in the last 2 weeks. I was making a mad scramble for the top of my pile and I wore myself out, face planted in the sand and slid. As I slid, I ignored the peak and went two weeks without considering my end goal. I took some calculated steps back to position myself for a new scramble, but all considered, I avoided looking forward for too long and now I find myself well behind where I was, but now I've had my break, I can re-affirm my grip on myself and my progress and I can direct myself towards my goal again. I can do so with the comfort of having indulged in temptations I've avoided and ignored for some time to stop blowing the experience out of proportion. Like those fond memories of an ex who can become so idolized over time once you forget those real life faults.

I learned my lesson, and now, I'm ready to start a new plan. Kicking off with the old healthy pattern, and moving further towards my goal with more discovering and experimentation in my new lifestyle. Stay tuned, it's going to be a Phat year.

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