Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Day Resolutions

Happy New Year! Apocalypse ... IN YOUR FACE!!!
Happy New Year to you my treasured reader. I personally wish for you a happy and prosperous 2013.

Seems like every December, as the regrets and disappointments from the last year replace the fun and enjoyment of Christmas and we prepare to face the new year with a night of revelry, abandon, or a bottle of champagne in the living room, we also queue up our list of changes to our lifestyles and long term goals. January 1st is the beginning of many failed weight loss plans, that 6 week period when it's hard to find parking and available equipment at your local gym. It's the birth of New Year's Resolutions, those short lived, well-intentioned goals that we saddle ourselves with in hopes of being new people.

I don't mind the New Year's Resolution, I think it is important to assess you life and decide on changes you want to make, and commit to, but I propose a new approach, instead of just waiting till the end of the year, how about waiting till the end of the week, or maybe the end of the day? Keep the changes fresh and flowing, and keep it simple! If you have an overall goal for the year, your daily goals should get you closer, but setting reasonable, achievable, goals each day will help by providing an ongoing feeling of achievement, and progress.

It also helps to stop delaying needed changes. Too many times we do ourselves harm by waiting for a specific date in the future to be different. How many weekends have we accepted set backs, because "on Monday, I'll be right on it"? Keep the resolutions coming, write them on the fridge in dry erase marker so you can update them and cross them out. Don't lose sight of what you want to achieve, and you'll have more practice being that version of yourself you're trying to find. The Phat version!

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