Tuesday, July 30, 2013

254.2 - Finding a new definition for failure.

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I had a crappy workout last night.  I've had a lot of crappy workouts lately. I haven't been sleeping well. I've been dealing with some particularly troubling personal issues. Been eating stuff I shouldn't at times I definitely shouldn't. I've basically hopped off the wagon during a funk, and have been spending the past few weeks clinging desperately like Mr. Krabs over there to the wagon. Trying to get back on. Trying to get back to "normal".

I am happy for something though. My definition of failure is new. I failed at making it through my cardio post workout. I expect 35 minutes of myself and delivered a paltry 10 ... but ... I made it through my warm up, I made it through my strength training, and I got on the treadmill, all the while knowing that I would hit an early peak from exhaustion. My old terrible workouts used to be the one rep squat to the couch and mattress assisted planking (which looks a lot like sitting on my butt, watching TV, then going to bed), but I have recently chosen to do something which I find very useful in maintaining my habits. I now define failure as occurring after the attempt.

Now, sometimes you need to tap out. The longer you work out, the more you learn the difference between good pain and bad, between tired, and wiped out, and when to listen to that little voice from your body that says "slow the heck down, or I will stop you". So I tapped out last night, to ensure my workout on Wednesday would be better. I failed at my goal, and I'm not too happy about it, but the work I did towards my goal still worked for me in the long term, and that's a definition of failure that I can live with.

Don't do too much people, you're not Superman. Unless you are, then awesome movie dude.


  1. You need to try something radically different.

    Like stop eating meat.

    Just try it for a month and see what happens.

    Dont make excuses. Try it.

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    3. I'm not going to stop eating meat for a month, but I understand the basis of your suggestion and I'm actually trying a new approach to improving my diet right now which will be in an upcoming article.

      I think you recommended "Fat Sick & Nearly Dead" to me? I'm trying out juicing, and I'll be reporting the details soon.

    4. All I know is my own experience...I stopped eating meat and lost 30 lbs in 5 months, and the extra weight is still off me after one year. I keep stuffing myself with food (all vegetables and beans and egg whites) and my weight has settled such that I have a BMI of 22.5 and a body fat percentage of 20.0% (from a high of 30% before I started the diet). I eat the vegan recipies from Joel Fuhrman's books.

      I apologize if I came off as bullying. Im just trying to suggest you may something WAY different...something that you might be very hesitant about. It might work.

      I cannot do a juice diet...I need fiber to fill me up.

      I do wish you the best, but strongly suggest giving up meat and see what happens. Also reduce sugar. I hope to hear how it goes.