Friday, December 13, 2013

Black Women: An Open Love Letter

This post was inspired by a hashtag, but more accurately it was inspired by a community. My community. The community of my skin. The community of my heritage. The community of my experience. The community of my birth, my instruction, my life and my heart. I am here to say one thing to the women of my community. I love you, because you are so beautiful to me.

My morning starts with black women. More specifically, I start my morning with L. Joy, Imani, Dacia and the staff of Black women in this forum entertain me with jokes and wit. They inform me with intellect and insight. The intrigue me with their experiences and interactions. They educate me, and I am grateful. Through this medium I have learned more about my own experience as a sometimes, not so black man. I've learned the difference between the culturally re-enforced images of aggression and savagery, and the reality of the frustration and endless onslaught against our women. I hear your pain and your triumph in your stories. I laugh with you. I cry with you. I feel with you, because I love you, because you are a part of me, and because I am a part of you.

My life starts with black women. I was absent my father as many a black child. I was also absent a role model in the form of a man. Someone to teach me the right ways from the wrong. I had a rich experience at the hands of my mother. A single island woman who made the sacrifices needed to make sure her son had the best education she could afford. I love you Mom. While she toiled in a foreign country to secure our future, I had guidance and protection from my guardian. A strong, firm black woman with the soul of a warrior. I'm not waxing poetic. Mrs Evelyn Murdock would have laid her life down to protect my safety and her honor, in the end she did, and I bear the guilt of never being able to say to her once more that I appreciate her, and I love her. My aunts. My sisters. My friends. You surround me with love and affection as I am your brother and a part of you. I feel the warmth of your love from far away and when we are close so I know I will never fall because too many hands will catch me before I hit the ground. I love you my dears, with all of my heart.

You're in trouble. In crisis. Your rights. Your identity. Your very self image under constant assault. I love the champions of my community. The challengers of power. The ... feminists? ... eh, the fighters for a better future. I follow you. I admire you. I respect you and I love you because your work, your sweat, your struggle is not for the thrill of battle, nor for the glorification of your name, but for the elevation of your sisterhood. Your culture. Your pride and your beloved. That they may not shy away from life, but embrace it. That young girls of ebony and beige may enjoy a better world than the one you entered.

I pledge my heart and my sweat to you my sisters, my teachers, my lovers and my friends. I love you all.

-Phat Guy

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    thank you SO much for writing.